Kainamm Pure Plant Protein Powder

The Next Best Thing in the Plant-Based World

Health and energy booster, fueled by 100% vegan protein powder

Your Everyday Strength

Empower your body and brain to get through the day

Dry Water Lentils contain 34-45% PROTEIN with complete AMINO ACIDS - perfect for those who need that extra kick

Protein will help you eat more mindfully, feel full longer, and increase your muscle mass and strength

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Your Daily Detox

Cleanse your body with this everyday natural goodness

Draws excess hormones, cholesterol, and toxins out of your body - making you feel more wonderful every day

Kainamm contains high amounts of fiber that can help clean your system and make you feel fresh

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Allergen Free & Supports Digestion

Enrich your lifestyle with an improved diet

Kainamm helps your body digest and absorb food easily with its gut-friendly ingredients

Kainamm is perfect for individuals with have lactose intolerance and sensitive stomachs

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Why Choose Kainamm?

Kainamm has developed a unique approach to make the most out of an ancient superfood: Water Lentils.

We created this product to help those women who want to redesign and turn their lives around.

You can make your life balanced again
✓ Eat healthy
✓ Be a go-getter
✓ Start fulfilling your dreams

It is never too late. Kainamm will be on your side as you take your journey to self transformation. 🍵 🍃

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Is Kainamm For Me?

"I prefer a plant-based approach for healthier life and less damage to our planet, BUT I feel low on energy and catch myself binge eating from time to time."

"I've been taking soy / pea protein powder, but they are not friendly to my gut."

"I want to make sure that I fuel my body with natural nutrients and less-processed food."

"I want to maximize my performance to effectively get more things done and to enjoy quality time with friends, family and Netflix."

I know we need to get fruits and vegetables everyday but I'm struggling to sneak them in."

"I enjoy my pasta and noodle, and it'd be nice to supercharge my favorite menus with natural nutrients."

Kainamm is your all-in-one solution for better health & eco-conscious choices

Kainamm is for anyone and everyone looking for natural solutions to nourish themselves, enhance productivity, and improve overall wellness.

Kainamm Pure Plant Protein Powder is the perfect choice for you if you want a convenient way to nourish your body without giving up your favorite foods.

Incorporate Kainamm in any of your meals. Level up your daily recipe by mixing your smoothie or sprinkling your favorite pasta with Kainamm Pure Plant Protein Powder.

Get that daily boost you need, guilt-free!

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Why We Do What We Do

We are one of those who always want to perform at our best. We want to make sure that we are properly energized with the right foods in our system. We know we need to take care of our immune system and overall wellness to happily live our lives.

And we know for a fact that we cannot enjoy those things with a sedentary lifestyle. To align our vision with our actions, we decided to incorporate a meat-free diet. Not only because we all want to improve our wellness, but also because we care about reducing activities that can damage the environment. 

With those goals in mind, Water Lentil Powder had become our all-in-one solution. 💚

We are very proud to share this product to like-minded individuals who may be looking for a vegan, environmentally-friendly product that can help them reach their full potential - either for work or wellness. 

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