What Is So Unique About Kainamm?

They say it is the next best thing in plant-based food industry. We say we are lucky to discover it.

Vegan source of protein and nutrients without 8 major food allergens means no more upset stomachs!

We know that there's a lot of great food supplement options available out there. But, Kainamm is unique and different from them because of one thing: 

It only uses a single ingredient - water lentils.

Our 100% pure plant protein powder is one of the greatest discoveries in plant-based food industry for a reason.

Let's dive in some facts here, shall we?

  • Water lentils are composed of about 40% protein on a dry-matter basis, making them a high-protein human food source similar to soy except they don't cause allergic reactions. 

  • World’s first source of vitamin B12 from plants, which is generally found in animal products, e.g. fish, meat, poultry, eggs and milk. B12 is an essential nutrient for energy and cognitive enhancement, while preventing you from having heart disease (100g of dry water lentils contain approximately 750 percent of the US recommended daily value of vitamin B12's bioactive form)

  • A complete source of essential amino acids similar to whey except it is vegan and all-natural.

  • Allergen-free = Happy gut. Unlike other plant proteins, such as soy or pea, water lentils won't upset your stomach and cause digestive problems. 

Kainamm Health Benefits

Besides the above distinct facts, let's dive deep into what's in it for us:

Assists in Weight Management
Make your body fit and healthy. Our product contains high-amounts of protein, which is perfect for those who want to lose weight. It will help you feel more full, while eating less. It can also increase your muscle mass and strength. 

Aids Detoxification
Draw excess hormones, cholesterol, and toxins out of your body. Our 100% plant-based protein powder contains high amounts of fiber that can help clean your system and boost immunity. 

Inflammation Relief
Kainamm protein powder contains all-natural water lentils, which are rich in antioxidants. They can help reduce cellular damage and free radical activity that cause inflammation.

Healthier Eyes
Since water lentils contain two popular carotenoids that support eye health, you can expect that Kainamm can also keep your eyes healthy and protected against blue light. 

Supports Digestion
Our plant protein powder is gut-friendly, which can help your body digest and absorb food easily. It is also perfect for those who have lactose intolerance and other digestive sensitivities. 

Healthy Heart
Prevent your risks of having heart disease or other cardiovascular illnesses. This product contains naturally-occurring vitamin B12, which promotes healthy cardiovascular system. 

Why Customers Love Kainamm

Sustainably Grown
Kainamm’s water lentils are sustainably grown in highly-functional and clean aqua farms where most of the water used is recycled for every batch. We love the environment, so we’re using an eco-friendly approach that leaves a carbon-neutral footprint. 

Minimally Processed
We extract our plants using an innovative cold extraction process that allows them to retain all of their micro and macronutrients, leaving the highly bioavailable antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Make Healthier Choices with Kainamm

More and more people are choosing plant-based solutions to make their lives healthier and contribute less damage to our planet. Are you ready to make better choices, too? 

Fun Fact: Water lentil is the smallest flowering plant on Earth.

I hope you see the reason why we are so excited to make Kainnam accessible for you. 



1. The eight foods identified by the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 (FALCPA) are: Milk, Eggs, Fish (e.g., bass, flounder, cod), Crustacean shellfish (e.g. crab, lobster, shrimp), Tree nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, pecans), Peanuts, Wheat, Soybeans
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