Our Story

We are on a mission to create and share natural nutrients to make you feel right and pumped in chasing your goals every single day

While we are focused on chasing our goals or challenging ourselves to achieve our versions of our four pillars of life, we make sure we take good care of our planet and people around us.

While we are on a mission to make a better life, we take a moment to appreciate and be grateful for what we already have.

Simple beliefs that will connect the dots between your body, brain, and soul

Water Lentil Powder has become our all-in-one solution. It is the product that I would like to share with anyone who may be looking for a plant-based, environment-friendly product that can help them reach their full potential - either for work or wellness.

That is the story of Kainamm, shall we deeper dive in to Story of My Nutrient Hub? 👋🏼

In case you are still curious, we like to share more on our philosophy at My Nutrient Hub. 

Living a Balanced Life: Our Four Pillars of Life

When we think or talk about health, we do not only mean being physically healthy - but mentally as well.

Strong, positive health will lead to a happy and fulfilled life.  

If this is your goal, stick around as we will share with you our first-hand experience and research on what areas should be taken care of to achieve this goal.

Find Your Balance With The 4 Pillars of Life 

How badly do you want to be happy? What are you willing to learn or do to find real happiness? 

If you want to keep everything balanced, these are the most common questions that you can ask yourself. Always remember, these self-reflections and the pillars of life are what will help you get started. 

Find your purpose. It is one of the elements of a balanced life. 

Life without purpose is like a boat in the ocean without an anchor. This may sound cliche, but we have been there and we know that many people are still in this phase - wondering what they want out of their lives.   

If you have decided to create your own version of a happy and fulfilled life (which a lot of people still have not achieved, believe us), you have to start finding your purpose and live intentionally. If you do not know where to start, we got your back.

My Nutrient Hub truly believes that you can begin your journey right at this minute.

At My Nutrient Hub, we strive to embody these 4 pillars of finding happiness:


Our Four Pillars of Life | My Nutrient Hub

Whether you’re a go-getter at work or the boss of your own company, it is easy to take things - like diet and exercise - for granted once things get busy.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), poor nutrition has a number of harmful effects to the body, including heart disease and stroke.

You have to keep in mind that you only have one body, and it needs to carry you until the end. That is why it is important to keep it strong and healthy. Without a balanced lifestyle, you'd find it even more impossible to achieve your own four pillars of life.

You would not be able to do the things that excite you if you are not healthy enough.

How can you travel for business in the long run? How can you visit your grandkids in the future if you cannot even walk properly on your own? How can you enjoy your life when you turn 40? 

Try to think of these circumstances and consider them as a motivation to transition into a healthier lifestyle. 

Get enough sleep. Studies show that getting enough sleep can help boost your immune system, prevent weight gain, and more.

Eat a proper diet, too, and yield all of its great benefits

Be fit enough that you do not need to step back and say “no” to anything you want to do. Take good care of this area of life mastery and gain the energy necessary to take care of others, too. 


Our Four Pillars of Life | My Nutrient Hub
No matter who you are, there will be a time in your life where you will be needing perspective, replenishment, and hope. That is why it is important to strengthen your mental pillar, too.

If you do not have this pillar, you will eventually find yourself unfulfilled and empty. Who would want that, right?

So, have a positive mind.

It will allow you to have a sense of higher purpose, and when you hit rock bottom, this will be your best weapon - a connection to power beyond yourself. 

Start your day and make the most out of it. Everything may not go according to plan, but if you put it in perspective, it can go more smoothly.

Learn how to deal with uncertainty, unforeseen events, and adversity - this is part of living a well-balanced life. Do no let problems and frustrations get to you. Instead, savor the moment.

Prepare for the future, but do not worry and feel pressured about it. 

Remember that spirituality should always be a part of your daily routine, too, regardless of your religious beliefs. This is how you will renew yourself when you are down.

From visiting your church every Sunday to simply taking a walk in the woods - your routine could be anything that you think can fill up your spiritual cup.

Make time to rethink your connection to nature, to the universe. Doing so will make you feel refreshed and ready to face all of the challenges ahead. Before you know it, you will have curated your own four pillars of happiness, guiding you every step of the way.


Our Four Pillars of Life | My Nutrient Hub

Choose your circle wisely and make sure to give back what you want to get out of every relationship you have. Learn how to balance life and relationships. Evaluate your connection with your family.

How balanced is your time with them?
What’s your relationship like with your kids and husband?
How about your extended family members? 

The tightest relationships that you can have in your life are family ties. That is why they should be your first priority no matter how busy things might get. If you think that you have been neglecting quality time with them, it is time to take a pause. 

Put some effort and repair your relationship with them. Family is truly a part of your support network - they will be there even at your lowest point. 

Next to family is your friends.

Do you have a handful of friends that you can count on?
Is there a group of people that hangs out with you on a regular basis?

If your answer is no, then it is time for you to begin building this kind of relationship. 

This is because when you have a number or reliable people around you, other than your family, you will definitely live a long and happy life. You are clearly not in balance if you are sacrificing connections like these. 


Our Four Pillars of Life | My Nutrient HubIn this pillar, we are going to tackle two things: your job and your finances.


Just like the 3 pillars of life above, maintaining a great career and managing your finances are also important when finding balance.

When it comes to your career, try asking these questions to yourself:

Do you love your job?  
Are you able to utilize your skills and strengths in your career right now? 
Do the people you work with motivate you more?

You spend most of your time at work. It is where you are most likely to build new relationships, experience measurable wins, and how you provide for yourself and your family. It greatly influences your overall sense of significance and self-esteem. If your answer is no to those questions, then it is time for you to move forward and find a job that you really love. 

For managing your finances, on the other hand, you should ask yourself the following questions:

What does your balance sheet look like? 
Are you on a journey to accumulate enough money to enjoy a fulfilling retirement? 
Are your assets increasing as time goes by? 

Always remember that the key to financial health is to know that you have enough wealth to have options. If you are working very hard, and still do not have the money and assets you need, something is clearly missing. 

How To Have A Balanced Life? 

Everyone wants to live the best life possible, which is why we came up with our four pillars of life. However, most of us do not want to spend a lot of effort and time learning how to accomplish it.

No worries - My Nutrient Hub completely understands. 

That is why we have put together 8 easy to follow, ACTIONABLE TIPS that can make you feel more fulfilled, and help increase your quality of life and happiness. Check them out here.